Mike Bullard

Chef Director

Mike has been in the kitchen since he was 15 years old, washing up, gutting mackerel and sardines and peeling a lot of vegetables amongst other things. Learning very quickly that there was no such thing as a bag of gas, chicken lips and salmon legs, he wanted to learn more.

He started his apprenticeship in Birmingham, and moved through the ranks within the culinary world, eventually leaving to gain a wide range of experience with contract catering, outside catering and working in a teaching environment (University College Birmingham).

Having gained his experience, Mike was approached to take a look at the food and service offering at West Bromwich Albion as Consultant Executive Chef. He took it by the scruff of the neck and improved it overnight. This led to him winning multi awards and gaining recognition within the industry very quickly.

With this he then took himself to complete Stages in New York at Le Bernadin (3 Michelin Star), Per Se (3 Michelin Star), and The Breslin (1 Michelin Star).

Back from New York he then became a private chef & Consultant. Mike then moved to the quaint town of Henley in Arden after a short pop up restaurant in Harborne to a new project called The Butchers Social.

After a unprecendented 2020, Mike decided to move The Butchers Social away from Henley in Arden to a new venue in Dorrridge. A small village just outside of Solihull is now home to The Bucthers Social @ The Forest Hotel.