Dan Androne

Head Chef

I was born on 14th of February 1990, in a small village, in Transylvania which is in the north region of Romania. I consider myself lucky for growing up in a farm environment where love and respect for food and animals still existed. This was one of the most important pillars which has contributed in my choice of becoming a chef because it helped seeing how everything grows, from plants to animals. The education I followed was always related to this side. When I finished my studies, I decided to come to United Kingdom and I started my first job in the kitchen.

My dedication and hard working attitude was rewarded by Chef Mike Bullard (who marked my profession and my human paths) who offered me a job at The Butchers Social. That marked a turning point in my life, followed by many challenges but many satisfactions as well.

During the years spent at The Butchers Social, I had the privilege to work with many great people from whom I learned from and confirmed my passion for cooking. I hope as well I can influence anyone who wants to become a chef, especially my two little boys.